Dealer FAQs

Dealers are independent professional organizations authorized and supported by Aestiva, to promote, sell, and support products that run in Aestiva’s standardized Virtual Paperwork hosting accounts.

With Aestiva you can offer and support many great solutions for mid-market organizations. In addition, you can use our platform to build solutions with the features mid-market organizations and all sophisticated companies want.  

No. Virtual paperwork documents are more like web pages. But they are much smarter because they utilize Aestiva’s virtual paperwork hosting accounts to gain their massively improved capabilities.

Unlike software, Aestiva’s virtual paperwork is super flexible. All solutions can be stand-alone or combined with others.  And, like web sites, they can be modified to fit customer needs.

Like spreadsheets and web pages, virtual paperwork is flexible and affordable. At the same time, it is more powerful. A single account can be used to serve large portions of an organization’s on-line infrastructure. This new level of flexibility and affordability and power is not available in today’s products. 

Dealers can sell all of the products listed on There are currently dozens of products listed. In addition there are dozens of add-on modules you can sell.

We softly suggest you target between $500 and $1,000 per user for setup of a system (within your project minimums) plus recurring fees of $4 per user per month per solution to cover basic-level support. 

Aestiva is available to help you with pricing policies based on our 10+ years of experience selling and supporting solutions.

Yes. We only approve dealers that we believe can fully support virtual paperwork with our collective resources.

Send an email to,  fill out an on-line form by clicking “Become  partner,” or call Aestiva at 1-888-237-8482.

No.  As a Dealer you must be a business with a customer base, operations, and the ability to support virtual paperwork with Aestiva’s help.

No. If you are accepted into the Dealer program, you earn all your fees from the very beginning. Most of our help is free but, if you need our help with professional services, we provide that to you at a discount with a minimum markup.

Almost immediately. Dealers can sell products even before they are fully trained.

Yes. Aestiva’s founders and full-time staff are all located in the US.  Aestiva is incorporated in the state of Florida.

Yes. Aestiva is privately held and independent. It was founded in 1996.

The dealer program is new in 2023 as part of our pivot to becoming a dealer-centric organization.

Yes. Dealers can sell anywhere in the world but dealers will be geographically separated.

Aestiva provides dealers demos and sales trainings free of charge.

Aestiva provides training to dealers free of charge.

Customization methods are covered with the free training provided.

Yes. Any of your sales people, support personnel, and technical staff can attend free trainings. 

Two. We provide the Gami and the Power Office platforms. Each has its own products.

Yes. Aestiva products currently serve over one-thousand small, mid-sized, and large organizations across the world.

You use Gami and Power Office products to Build income in the following areas:

  • Product Sales
  • Product Setup Services
  • Product Change Services
  • Systems Integrations
  • Annual Support Services

Yes. Dealers cannot advertise rates below certain minimums for the protection of all dealers in Aestiva’s Dealer Network. See your Dealer Agreement.

Yes. The Gami platform provides a sufficient framework for building your own products.

No. The Power Office platform does not provide a sufficient framework for building your own products.

Yes. The one stipulation is that you make your products available at wholesale rates to all Dealers. See your Dealer Agreement.

Yes. You can create derivative products from the free products you get from Aestiva. But there are important limitations. See your Dealer Agreement.

Although you must abide by certain minimums, the rates are up to you.  To learn about pricing strategies speak to your Dealer coordinator.

No. Aestiva’s income is not tied to Dealer revenue or income. 

Aestiva earns its revenues from its hosting fees and the wholesale services it provides its Dealers.

You can support customers, with our help, from the beginning. In the beginning, as you learn how to change and modify solutions, you can attend free training sessions and subcontract services. Aestiva services are provided to Dealers at wholesale rates.

The dealer retains ownership of all commercial products it agrees to wholesale to other dealers. See Dealer Agreement for details.