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Spread virtual paperwork to organizations everywhere.

Referral Partners are independent parties who refer organizations to Aestiva and its Dealers. Referral Partners  are not authorized to sell, onboard, and support Aestiva virtual paperwork.

Authorized Dealers are firms authorized to actively promote, sell, onboard, and support Aestiva virtual paperwork.

Referral partners can earn $500 to $5,000 per referral. Sign up takes one business day.  Your commitments end with the hand-over of each referral. Sign up for details and limitations.

Authorized Dealers are professional businesses supported directly by Aestiva. You earn 100% of the virtual paperwork business you provide your customers. Firms approved for the Dealer Track are approved professional firms able and willing to undergo a comprehensive business and technical training process. To become certified Dealers must complete a successful apprenticeship period that includes deploying multiple systems. 

For further details about Aestiva’s partner programs please submit a request to become a partner. Click “Become a partner”  to start the process.