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Dozens of amazing solutions to make customers happy.

  • Purchasing Solutions
  • Procure-to-Pay Solutions
  • Expense Reporting Solutions
  • Human Resources Solutions
  • Inventory Control Solutions
  • Invoice Approval Solutions
  • And more.

The Disruption

Advanced solutions without advanced development.

Virtual paperwork has come a long way. Today, Aestiva’s virtual paperwork is as powerful, if not more powerful, than many of today’s enterprise software solutions. Every solution:

  • Has a smart home page for each user
  • Includes automated user-access controls
  • Can be combined with other solutions 
  • Includes powerful systems-integration tools
  • Includes advanced reporting
  • Is 100% responsive for mobile & desktop
  • Is HIPPA and NIST compliant
  • And more

Gami, our latest virtual paperwork engine, includes a complete back-end system for fitting solutions to customer needs and building mid-market solutions from scratch.

No Software Fees.

Everyone wins with unlimited sheets.

Virtual paperwork accounts support unlimited sheets and solutions. It’s not software so there are no software fees. That means, as the customer adds more solutions,  they can grow fast without fast-growing recurring costs.

We ask customers:

“Why would anyone want to spend twice as much for something less powerful when they don’t have to?”

And spend that year over year? Transitioning customers away from legacy  to more flexible systems makes more sense like ever before.

Repeat Business.

Improve. Change. Earn.

Aestiva’s virtual paperwork is the world’s most flexible online paperwork. The latest virtual sheets are building blocks for building mid-market solutions.

The flexibility enables changes and improvements after deployment. The new level of  flexibility enables powerful incremental improvements for the customer and, for dealers, it means more repeat business.

The sheets:

  • Can connect with other sheets.
  • Can be routed with workflows.
  • Support compliance and security rules.
  • Follow user-access permissions and roles.
  • Separate users from admins from designers.
  • Can send & retrieve data to/from other sheets.
  • Can include tables of inputs.
  • Can include formulas and macros.
  • Can support hundreds of smart cells.
  • Can store gigabytes of data

Virtual paperwork is easier to change & improve. Grow your repeat business.

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